TSL. Three letters that will open up limitless opportunities in life. Signifying the ever-upward climb in excellence, expertise and looking out for the people behind. The roadmap? Tenacity. Success. Leadership. All at The Science Lab (TSL) are given support to chart unexplored paths, expected to define new boundaries, and achieve higher personal bests. Both the mentors and the students are spurred on to excellence in all that they do, even outside the classroom. We believe in starting with the heart. We strive to nurture people who desire to shape the nation and the world, leaders with big minds and big hearts. We want our children to be able to persevere in their beliefs, achieve their goals and help others do the same. We want our children to have the best, so that they will grow up to be the best wherever their dreams take them – to be life changers.

A track record – of success

From 2012 to 2014, Our students have been admitted to the best secondary IP/IB/’O’ levels programs in Singapore. Our children are also realising their dreams in very best universities local and overseas, pursuing what their heart tells them at LSE in the UK, Stanford int US, and NUS/NTU/SMU in Singapore. In 2014, 100% of our students who have grown with us since they were in Primary 4 in 2012 achieved A* in science. Everyday, Our students distinguish themselves in school by being the top in grades, knowing content beyond their peers. Our students are also the sensible and responsible children that their peers run to for help, look up to and respect.

Courses for life changers

“My two sons were always excited to attend class as they looked forward to the experiments. The classes were interesting and the teacher would be patient to answer their questions. Curiosity was a trait that was encouraged. The classes were a good balance of allowing exploration of knowledge beyond the school syllabus and examination preparation.” – Dr Elizabeth Whey, Parent

“We learn the [science] concepts in a fun way, that allows us to understand the concepts yet have fun at the same time. The program the The Science Lab has helped me to stay ahead of my class at school has helped me to learn in a more efficient way.” – Nicholas Ng, ACS (I), achieved A* for Science in PSLE 2014

“I love the experiments conducted in The Science Lab, as they are not normally done in school. Being with my friends and having a great teacher is a huge plus point. [The teacher] is clear in his teaching and never fails to make sure everyone understands the various concepts.” – Thames Teo, HCI, Top in class for Science 2014