“Both my sons, Joseph and John Cheng, were students at The Science Lab. My elder boy, Joseph, attended his classes to prepare for his PSLE in 2012. John, my younger son, was with The Science Lab for the past 2.5 years and he did his PSLE in 2014. The two of them are always excited to attend class as they looked forward to the experiments conducted by the teachers. The classes are interesting and the teachers would be patient to answer their questions. Curiosity was a trait that was encouraged. The teacher took pains to help them familiarise themselves with examination structure and techniques. The classes are a good balance of allowing exploration of knowledge beyond the school syllabus and examination preparation.” – Dr Elizabeth Whey, parent

“The Science Lab is an interesting an fun place to learn more about science concepts. The hands-on experiments are unusual and I remember once Penelope brought home a real pig’s heart when they were studying about the circulatory system and another time they made a water wheel. The worksheets are more challenging than most assessment books and the keywords taught helps the child to give a concise answer in Section B questions. Penelope’s teacher is dedicated and has always made time to clarify her doubts.” – Dr Kenneth Wong & Belinda Chang, parent

“The teachers from The Science Lab has inspired my son to love the subject! His grades have improved tremendously. I can also see my son having the desire to want to learn more deeply in the areas that he is learning, particularly Chemistry. The teachers also conduct experiments in class, making theoretical knowledge come alive. This not only leaves a deep impression in the student’s mind, it creates also excitement in the quest for knowledge. The Science Lab is a unique tuition centre and definitely has a positive impact on my son’s learning journey. Kudos to the teachers at The Science Lab!” – Ee Lin, parent, music teacher

“Ever since my daughter started attending classes at The Science Lab, her interest in the subject has grown tremendously. The teacher has made the class interesting and intriguing with hands-on experiments and challenging worksheets. With keyword training, my daughter is also able to tackle more questions accurately.” – Angie Teng, parent

“Unlike other science tuition centres, we learn the concepts at The Science Lab in a way that allows us to understand the concepts yet have fun at the same time. There is always some fun science experiments to do, and the environment is cheery with all the other students around. The program at The Science Lab has helped me to stay ahead of my class at school. I have learnt content ahead of the school syllabus, and this helps me to perform academically in school.” – Nicholas Ng, enrolled in ACS(I) IB Program, achieved A* for Science PSLE 2014

“I love the experiments conducted at The Science Lab, as they are not normally done in school, so I get exposure! Being with my friends and having a great teacher is a huge plus point. The teacher is clear in his teaching and never fails to make sure everyone understands the various concepts.” – Thames Teo, Hwa Chong Instituition, top in class for Science 2014

“The Science Lab is a fun and enjoyable learning centre for me. The culture and environment promotes a hunger for new knowledge and the passion for excellence. We also conduct interesting experiments in class to further our understanding in that area. The experiments conducted in class have the ‘WOW’ factor to it. It marvels me all the time, and I am intrigued to learn and find out more about the topic or concept. The teacher would also meticulously explain the content to us using real life analogies. The teacher is also open to various lines of questioning. To him, no question is a ‘silly’ question. His willingness to explain and help us understand content outside of the textbook is one key factors why I like The Science Lab. Students are able to ask any question and still walk away satisfied. I feel that the worksheets done in The Science Lab are more relevant with our school’s requirements. The keyword worksheets have not only given us more practice, but also how to score in the exam! I feel that I have improved under the tutelage of the teachers at The Science Lab, and would definitely recommend this learning centre to anyone.” – Zavier Wu, Hwa Chong Instituition